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Matsudaira (Echizen)


  • Domain: Tsuyama
  • Stipend: 100,000 koku
  • Class: Shinpan 4
  • Headquarters: Tsuyama Castle (Hilltop)

Family issued from Hideyasu, 2nd son of Ieyasu.

Senior branch.


  • Hideyasu (1574-1607) - 1st Matsudaira daimyo of Fukui (680,000 koku)
  • Tadanao (1595-1650)
  • Mitsunaga (1615-1707) - Daimyo of Takada (Echigo -- 260,000 koku)
  • Nobutomi (daimyo 1698-1721) - 1st Matsudaira daimyo of Tsuyama
  • Asagorou (daimyo 1721-1726) (unranked)
  • Nagahiro/Nobuhiro (daimyo 1726-1735)
  • Nagataka (daimyo 1735-1762)
  • Yasuchika (daimyo 1762-1794)
  • Yasuharu (daimyo 1794-1805)
  • Naritaka (1788-1826, daimyo 1805-1831)
  • Naritami (1814-1891, daimyo 1831-1855)

  • Yoshitomo (daimyo 1855-1871)

Notable Ancestors

  • Matsudaira Hideyasu (1574-1607)

Was brought up by Hideyoshi, and took part in his campaign in Kyushu against the Shimazu (1587). In 1590 Yuki Harumoto, daimyo of Shimosa, having no children, asked Hideyoshi to get him an adoptive son; Hideyoshi selected Hideyasu, who from that moment bore the name of Yuki and entered into possession of the fief of Yuki (100,000 koku). In 1600 he accompanied his father in the war against Uesugi Kagekatsu, then assisted at the battle of Sekigahara, after which he received the daimyoate of Kita-no-sho (Echizen -- 670,000 koku). He died at the age of 33, leaving five sons, whose descendants formed the eight branches of Matsudaira of Echizen.

  • Matsudaira Tadanao (1595-1650)

Succeeded his father in the fief of Echizen and ceded to his brother Naomoto the name of Yuki, which he had borne till then. He was scarcely installed at Fukui when he displeased his kerai, who appealed to the Shogun, and Honda Tomimasa was named his counselor. At the siege of Osaka, Tadanao did not arrive at the appointed time; this disposed Ieyasu against him, but when he had joined the army, he distinguished himself and defeated Sanada Yukimura's troops: he then received the title of Sangi. Finding this reward not in proportion to with the services rendered, he returned home dissatisfied, led a disorderly life, was deprived in 1622 of his possessions, and banished to Ogiwara (Bungo).

It is believed that he was baptized in 1620 during his stay at Kanazawa (Kaga), and, if this fact is correct, it no doubt contributed to his disgrace. The fief of Echizen passed then into the hands of Tadamasa, Tadanao's brother.

  • Matsudaira Mitsunaga (1615-1707)

Oldest son of Tadanao, was in 1622, at the time of his father's disgrace, sent to Takata (Echigo -- 240,000 koku) to take possession of the fief of Tadamasa, the latter having been called to Fukui. He allowed evil counselors to direct him, in 1681 was dispossessed on account of his arbitrary administration, and banished to Matsuyama (Iyo).

  • Matsudaira Nobutomi

Adopted son of Mitsunaga, in 1699 received the fief of Tsuyama (Mimasaka -- 100,000 koku), which his descendants remained in possession.

Related Branches

  • Junior branch: Itoigawa (Echigo -- 10,000 koku)
  • Junior branch: Fukui (320,000 koku)
  • Branch of Naomasa: Matsue (Izumo -- 186,000 koku)
  • Branch: Hirose (Izumo -- 30,000 koku)
  • Branch: Mori (Izumo -- 10,000 koku)
  • Branch of Naomoto: Unayabashi (Kozuke -- 170,000 koku)
  • Branch of Naoyoshi: Akashi (Harima -- 100,000 koku)






  • Domain: Katsuyama
  • Stipend: 23,000 koku
  • Class: Fudai 5
  • Headquarters: Katsuyama Castle

Daimyo family descended from Miura Iemura, son of Yoshimura.

In 1639 elevated to the rank of a daimyo in the person of Masatsugu (1600-1641). The family resided successively: in 1639 at Mibu (Shimotsuke); in 1691 at Nobeoka (Hyuga); in 1712 at Kariya (Mikawa); in 1747 at Nishio (Mikawa); lastly from 1764 at Katsuyama.


  • Masatsugu - 1st Miura daimyo of Mibu (Shimotsuke -- 25,000 koku)
  • Yasutsugu
  • Akihiro - 3rd Miura daimyo of Mibu; daimyo of Nobeoka (Hyuga -- 23,000 koku); 1st Miura daimyo of Kariya (Mikawa -- 23,000 koku)
  • Akitaka
  • Yoshisato - 3rd Miura daimyo of Kariya; 1st Miura daimyo of Nishio (Mikawa -- 23,000 koku)
  • Akitsugu - 2nd Miura daimyo of Nishio; 1st Miura daimyo of Katsuyama
  • Noritsugu
  • Chikatsugu
  • Terutsugu
  • Nobutsugu
  • Toshitsugu
  • Yoshitsugu
  • Akitsugu
  • Hirotsugu
  • Takatsugu




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