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The period of samurai is arguably the most brutal and oppressive society in history.

The samurai were absolute dictators and ruled with an iron fist.

Yet the people survived, and the samurai is now history.



In this game you will play the role of a samurai. You will learn what it means to be a samurai as you travel through a country more alien and more exotic than you have ever experienced before, yet one that actually existed, and in some very important aspects, still do.

In this game you will survey the multiform landscape of an ancient culture and the often tragic but brave attempts of its subjects to cope, in their own way, with the demands and rigors of a harsh reality.

In this game you will learn a way of doing things. It will not teach you what is right or wrong, but rather the right way of doing things. By learning the right way and conducting yourself in the proper manner, you will learn to distinguish right from wrong.

If your way is truly good, you need never be ashamed of your actions.


The Five Books

The game is divided into five books as follows:



  • Geography

  • History

    • Creation Myth

  • Famous Battles




  • Social Structure

    • Nobility

    • Daimyo

    • Samurai

    • Peasants

    • Townspeople

    • Merchants

    • Ninja




  • Samurai

    • Bushido

    • Martial Arts

    • Armor

    • Famous Samurai

  • Daimyo

    • Sankin Kotai

    • Fiefs

    • Castles





  • Culture

    • Tea Ceremony

    • Pleasure Quarters






  • Encounters

  • Scenarios




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