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Judges Guild supplements for RuneQuest

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RuneQuest Gateway Adventure

Broken Tree Inn

By Rudy Kraft.
  • 48 page special adventure set
  • Three separate related adventures with complete monsters, characters, and treasure
Published by Judges Guild.
48 pages.
Price: $4.00

RuneQuest Gateway

City of Lei Tabor

By Paul Nevins & Bill Faust.
Cover by Kevin Siembieda.
  • Complete fantastic RuneQuest city
  • All inhabitants, shops, cults, temples, inns, politics, thieves, treasures, adventures, 96 pages
Published by Judges Guild.
96 pages.
Price: $7.98

RuneQuest Gateway Adventure

Duck Pond

By Rudy Kraft.
Cover by Kevin Siembieda.
  • A complete campaign adventure pack
  • Fishing & trading village, Duck Pond, & of course, Frwack the Duck, who controls the five elemental spirits
  • Riches and doom await all who journey to Duck Pond
Published by Judges Guild.
Price: $5.98 SOLD OUT!


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