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Other Judges Guild supplements

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War Cry

Emperor Series Ruleset


Second edition

With giant wall charts

By Dave Petrowsky
  • Comprehensive set of miniatures rules
  • Ancients through medieval era
  • Easy to learn, quick to play
Published by Judges Guild.
Price: $4.00 SOLD OUT!

Flotilla One

From Sea Steeds and Wave Riders

Cover price: $5.00
  • Four 28.5 by 22.5 Sheets
  • Total of 80 Deck Plans and Items in 25mm
  • An aid for use in Medieval and Fantasy Gaming
Published by Judges Guild.
Four 28.5"x22.5" maps.

The Dungeoneer 10

March/April 1979
Vol III No 2

Cover by Paul Jaquays
  • "The Arcane Elders" by J. Mark Hendricks and Paul Jaquays
  • "A Private Hell"
  • "Under Skyking's Light" by Bill Paley
  • "A New and Radically Different Skills System" by Bill Seligman
  • "Monster Matrix"
  • "Name Generator" by Rusty Lamont
  • "Space: The Gaming Frontier" by Bill Paley
  • "Half-Ogres & Anti-Paladins" by Paul Nevins
  • "Effects and Uses of Poisons" by Steve Marsh
  • "Nose Wet or No Sweat: Tricks and Traps" by Bill Paley
  • "The Booty Bag"
  • "Pyramid of Ra-Dok" by Patrick Westfall
  • "The Edge of the Galaxy" by Paul Jaquays
Published by Judges Guild.
64 pages.
Price: $1.75

Campaign Hexagon System Playaid

Castle Book II

Campaign Aid For
Fantasy Role Playing Games

By Bob Bledsaw
Published by Judges Guild. 1981.
64 pages.
Price: $3.00

The Fantasy Cartographer's Field Book

  • Complete Fantasy Mapping System
  • Four Different Mapping Grids
  • Special Map Key & Record Pages
Published by Judges Guild.

The Astrogators Chartbook

  • Complete Science Fiction Mapping System
  • Four Different Mapping Grids
  • Special Map Key & Record Pages
Published by Judges Guild.
Price: $3.98

Temple Book I

64 page booklet containing 50 temple plans for use with any fantasy campaign, also features tables on temple location, configuration, wealth, and more.
Published by Judges Guild.
64 pages.

Approved For Use With
Empire of the Petal Throne

The Nightmare Maze of Jigresh

By Michael E. Mayeau.
Art by Ken Simpson.

Rules, charts, maps and monsters.

Published by Judges Guild. 1981.
16 pages.
Price: $2.00 SOLD OUT!

Field Guide to Encounters

By Dragon's Byte
Two huge volumes containing: rules and guidelines for this new role playing system, 600 familiar and not-so-familiar monsters, provisions for godhood, and intelligent character monsters.

Good for hours of intriguing fun!

Published by Judges Guild.
In two volumes.
Price: $12.00 SOLD OUT!

Approved For Use With
Villains & Vigilantes

Break In At
Three Kilometer Island

By Rudy Kraft
Cover by E.L. Perry

Can you win the race against time as the Four Fiends make their bid for world supremacy?

Try or die!

This 16 page booklet contains maps, charts and guidelines for use with the Villains & Vigilantes rules system.

Published by Judges Guild. 1981.
16 pages.
Price: $3.00

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