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Valus Publication Chronology



November 22 Different Worlds sends Ryan contract for Valus.


February 20 Ryan submits final manuscript of Valus to Different Worlds.
May 14 Different Worlds sends final layout of Valus to printers.
May 27 First order for Valus arrives from Christopher Bitner, one of the players in Ryan's campaign, for two copies.
June 25 Second order for Valus arrives from Forrest Herr, another one of the players in Ryan's campaign.
July 13 Printer ships Valus to Ryan and Different Worlds.
July 16 Ryan receives delivery of Valus.
July 19 Different Worlds receives delivery of Valus.
Ryan ships signed & numbered copies to Different Worlds.
July 21-23 Samples mailed to distributors and reviewers.
July 23 Tadashi hands editor's copy to Allan at Harry's Hofbrau, Sunnyvale, CA.
July 25 First order for Valus from outside Ryan's circle arrives. Sold to Mike Stehling.
July 26-27 Complimentary copies mailed to contributors.


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