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Tunnels & Trolls


Judges Guild supplements for 
Tunnels & Trolls

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Approved For Use With
Tunnels & Trolls

Rat on a Stick

By George R. Paczolt.
Cover by Rick Houser.
Art by Aaron Arocho, Kevin Siembieda, Erin McKee, Paul Jaquays, and Roger C. Harvey.

Explore the depths of this dangerous dungeon or become a wealthy businessman and own your own fast-food franchise.

Feed all the horrible monsters lurking within these pages or defeat them for their treasure.

The choice is yours!

Published by Judges Guild. 1982.
32 pages.
Price: $3.98 SOLD OUT!

Suitable for use with
Tunnels & Trolls

Jungle of Lost Souls

By Glenn Rahman.
Cover by Robert Bledsaw Jr.
Art by Kevin Siembieda, et al.

Designed for characters of a maximum of 40 combat adds and 4th level spells

Almost a century ago, Durenian colonists landed on the northern coast. There, they raised bustling cities under the cooling breezes from the sea, but, except for soldiers, traders, and ambitious adventurers, no one ventures far into the fever-ridden, mosquito-cursed interior. Even these are usually content to stay close to the outposts, taking an occasional profit when some of the friendlier Taweii come into sell their pelts, their medicinal herbs, and some exotic, jungle products.

You turn and stroll back to the fort. The musical call of the auctioneer catches your attention. He is selling a catch of slaves that a party of adventurers just brought back from the wilderness. Yet, they came back disappointed; like you, they had heard the rumors of great wealth waiting to be found in the jungle, ruined cities rich in grave goods, undiscovered civilizations, fountains of youth, and the bountiful graveyards of the giant, ivory bearing beasts.

You have already decided to try your luck in the forbidding jungle. To being your adventure, go to ...

Published 1983 by Judges Guild.
32 pages.
Price: $3.00


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