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September 2011

"Öas a whole, Shogun and Daimyo proves to be an invaluable source for both gamers and historians, particularly when paired with its earlier companion volume Daimyo of 1867. As a quick reference work for dates, clans, holdings, and historical figures, it will save much frustrating rooting around in multiple sources. We use Daimyo of 1867 on a regular basis and it appears the new book will get an even heavier workload. Itís a winning book about the losers of the samurai class."

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-- Randy Schadel (aka Tatsunoshi)
The Samurai Archives

November 1, 2011

"... it's exhaustive in its discussion of "the military dictators of samurai Japan," from the 12th to the 19th centuries. I'm not kidding when I say "exhaustive," since this book details 170 daimyo clans and provides biographies of their most famous members, along with descriptions of their holdings and sometimes even a family tree."

"... this is a reference work. It's not intended to be read cover to cover in a single sitting, though, if you're an aficionado of feudal Japan it might be hard not to do so. The book begins with a brief overview of its material, along with guides to pronunciation and the romanization of Japanese characters. There's also a history of feudalism in Japan, from 711 B.C. to 1869. The structure of imperial and military governance is also treated, with attention given to how both changed over the centuries. It's little details like this that make Shogun & Daimyo so interesting, because the past, like the present, wasn't static. Seeing the ways that samurai Japan evolved not only helps to differentiate the various eras of its history but also provides excellent fodder for adventures and even whole campaigns. In the same way, the biographies of all the men who held the title of shogun also hits home the diversity to be found just within Japanese history, something easily overlooked by Westerners whose primary knowledge of the country comes from the cinema."

"Taken together, Shogun & Daimyo, like its predecessor, is a very impressive volume, all the more so because it's eminently accessible even to readers such as myself who have little real knowledge of Japanese history or culture. Ehara is quick to note in his introduction that this is not a scholarly work and perhaps that is so, but both the breadth and depth of the book left me impressed."

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-- James Maliszewski

November 2011

"Japanese culture is unlike anything in the world. Shogun & Daimyo: Military Dictators of Samurai Japan traces the history of Japan under the Shogun, for inspiration for role playing games, novels, and other works of fiction. Tracing a long history of Shogunate Japan through its many periods to the earliest shoguns to the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the many major figures who changed the face of Japanese history, it accompanies plenty of information to be studied and applied with no shortage of woodcut reproductions. Shogun & Daimyo is a must for anyone who is about to create fiction related to Japan's unique flavor."

-- Mary Cowper
Midwest Book Review




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