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The Phantastical Phantasmagorial Montie Haul Dungeon

By Larry Richardson and Kerry Lloyd

Welcome to the flakiest dungeon in the world, the Pyramid of Pallapot the Peripatetic. Here the intrepid party of adventurers will find incredibly confusing conundrums, intensely silly situations, indubitably terpsichorean treasures, inappreciably morose monsters, and inadvertently funny fantasy. Any party which manages to emerge from this dungeon with more than a bare fragment of their collective sanity remaining didn't take up the challenge of the adventure in the first place. This is truly one of the worst pieces of nonsense ever propounded as a dungeon adventure, but it is also one of the most amusing tricks that a GM can pull upon his players. Comic relief for ...

but don't say we didn't warn you!!!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd.
First printing: February 1982.
40 pages, 5.5"x8.5".
Price: $3.95

The Adventurers' Series

The Mines Of Keridav

By Kerry Lloyd
Art by Janet Trautvetter, Bob Charrette, V.M. Wyman, Laurie McWhirter, Mary Staples

Rescue a princess from a potent mage! He's holding her at the fabulous mines of the dwarves in the Valley of the Tiraval.

Compatible with all major FRP systems, including Thieves' Guild!!

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1983.
31 pages.
Price: $4.95

Reviewed in Different Worlds #35.

The Adventurers' Series

The Demon Pits of Caeldo

By Kerry Lloyd
Art by Bob Charrette, Larry Shade, V.M. Wyman

In the depths of the crumbling castle of the former Barons of Caeldo lies immense treasure - and terrible danger.

A companion to The Mines Of Keridav.

Published by Gamelords, Ltd. 1983.
31 pages.
Price: $4.95

The Land Beyond the Mountains

TFT Adventure Supplement

The Forest-Lords of Dihad

For the Fantasy Master

By Richard Meyer
Art by Vicki Wyman, Larry Shade, Wallace Miller

The great mutant bear of the eastern wastes roams the wilderness of Dihad, on a reign of terror that will not end until some party of intrepid adventurers the means to kill or control the beast. And Karoth is far from the strangest thing lurking in the rich forests and streams of Dihad ...

Here, too, you'll meet Aril Malus, the self-styled Keeper of the Forests and his sworn enemy Morkash the Desecrator; Emil Jaggoh, the wily head of the Hadite government's secret espionage network, the Ebony Band; rugged loggers and woodmen of all stripes; and scores of other residents and transients through the Land. Players can visit Kindler's Glade, the wildest frontier town this side of the Old West, dare the swift currents of the Thunder River, or try their own hand at hunting the great beasts of the wilderness - all against a backdrop of political intrigue and high magic.

Forest Lords of Dihad is part of The Land Beyond the Mountains, a complete campaign universe for use with The Fantasy Trip being jointly developed and published by Metagaming Concepts Inc. and Gamelords Ltd. Each campaign pack in the series is designed to stand alone as an independent set of encounters and scenarios to test the mettle of any experienced TFT adventurer. Combined with the other releases in the series, these adventure supplements will form a vast and changing mosaic of a world in the midst of a chaotic struggle for survival, where riches ad power await the adventurer who is both wise and brave.

Playablity: For 2-8 intermediate or advanced level players and a moderately experience Fantasy Master.

Components: 32 page rules booklet with 17"x11" full color map.

Requires: In addition to this book you must have The Fantasy Trip booklets In The Labyrinth, plus either the Advanced Melee and Advanced Wizard booklets or the Microgames Melee and Wizard to play this adventure. 

Published by Metagaming/Gamelords Ltd.
1st printing June 1982.
32 pages.
Price: $4.95

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